Sellosity Review And Bonus

Sellosity Review And Bonus

Sellosity can be defined as a new ecommerce platform that is nothing short of revolutionary. It enables clients to create fully functional online stores that are very beautiful in just a matter of minutes. It is built upon an ecommerce frame that has been proven to be effective as it powers online stores that exceed 1 million in number. It is essentially a WordPress plugin which was a creation of Sean Donahoe. It operates via a simple builder that drags and drops.

Sellosity reviewing itsFeatures
It has the following salient features:
a. Instant store builder.
b. Easy sourcing of quality materials.
c. Drag and drop simplicity of operation.
d. Real ecommerce automation.
e. Unparalleled ecommerce training.
f. Its traffic are drive laser targeted.
g. Puts the user on the driver’s seat.
h. It carries out ecommerce in an ideal manner.

How it works

Since it is a WordPress plugin, all that is required is for one to install it and activate it via a license key.
Step 1: Buy and install the WordPress plugin. This should take a few minutes.
Step 2: Design ecommerce store from nothing. . Alternatively, import your existing ecommerce platforms.
Step 3: Find interesting products and add them to your ecommerce store. Products can easily be found on the WordPress dashboard. Use the drag and drop builder to do this.
Step 4: Commence sending traffic to your new ecommerce store.

Sellosity has numerous pros, the main ones include the following:
i. It is among the most affordable ecommerce builders currently in the market. This is because it does not require a monthly fee. Payment is only done once and an individual is thereafter free to use it for a lifetime.
ii. It is specifically made for beginners, this nullifies the need to have technical skills so as to use the plugin.
iii. It has a 60-day money back guarantee. This is beneficial to clients as they can always return the product if unsatisfied.
iv. It is a WordPress plugin that is very easy to use due to dashboard feature that it has.
v. It assists beginners to create e-commerce stores very fast and with no difficulties.
vi. Even in the absence of products to sell, one can use the shipping feature that is built-in-drop so as to find and consequently sell products with just a few clicks.

Sellosity has some disadvantages associated with it. The notable ones include the following:
i. The plugin can only be used with blogs and WordPress sites.

Why use it
There are a number of people who can use Sellosity. They include the following:
• Individuals who are keen on establishing an ecommerce store.
• People who lack technical skills but are still interested in creating their own ecommerce store themselves and from scratch.
• Individuals who lack the money to hire the services of a designer and even a coder to create the ecommerce store.
• People who are interested in electronically selling their own products.
• People who do not mind starting a business of dropshipping.
• People are interested in reducing the expenses they incur on their existing store.


The above insightful Sellosity review clearly outlines how wonderful the product it is. There is no doubt that its benefits surpass its drawbacks.